Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk

Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk

West Norfolk covers an area of approximately 550 square miles. The borough council provides a wide range of services and facilities to the people who visit, work or live in the area. Services provided by the council include environmental health, planning, payment of housing and welfare benefits, collection of Council Tax, electoral registration, management of public open spaces, recycling and collection of waste (managed through an external contractor) property services and a number of housing functions such as choice-based letter, housing standards and so on.

The council also provides non-statutory services which are highly valued in the area. These include ensuring the provision of leisure and cultural facilities, a home improvement agency, the delivery of physical regeneration projects, a crematorium, a successful CCTV operation, car parking services and a wide range of services providing direct support to communities in the borough.

Behind the scenes there are a range of back-office services which help and support the council in the delivery of its ‘front facing’ services, including ICT, accountancy, democratic services, and a Council Information Centre.

We are an ambitious authority and our focus is upon encouraging new and growing businesses, promoting the area to visitors and business investors and improving the infrastructure upon which the expansion of successful business relies. At the same time we are seeking innovative ways of delivering services which allow us to continue to provide a wide range of quality services despite the economic challenges that the public sector has faced in recent times.

Our corporate business plan highlights the council’s role driving forward local economic and housing growth, ensuring the area remains clean and safe, and celebrating our local heritage and culture. That the borough is a place where people are able maximise their potential and live safe and healthy lives. With a strong political and managerial leadership the aims of the council are clear and resources are focussed on delivering our objectives.

We employ a wide range of professional, technical and managerial staff across all services, alongside administrative and support staff and those who deliver services directly to our customers. Roles exist for experienced officers able to utilise their experience undertaking more complex work, for those newly qualified who wish to gain experience to develop their careers and for those in the early stages of their chosen profession.

The Council has adopted locally agreed pay scales and operates a performance management system (which includes performance related pay) rather than the traditional pay scales offered to local government employees. We have a long-standing commitment to training and developing our staff with an active programme of opportunities for developing managerial, professional and personal skills. There is close working between many services/functions and many initiatives for improving/enhancing services and service delivery – all providing opportunities for on-the-job development and participation in projects.

We are an employer with a great reputation, which can offer a busy and varied workload, fantastic opportunities for personal and career development, and the opportunity to work with other highly skilled and motivated people who take great pride in working for the benefit of those who live in, work in or are just visiting West Norfolk.

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