Vacancies in West Norfolk

There are a huge range of opportunities available to people working in West Norfolk. As an area we are proud to offer positions across a range of sectors from manufacturing and engineering through to health care and education.

Full details of the roles available and useful information from our partner employers can be found here.

Search for Vacancies

Use the simple search facility to find your perfect role in our partner employers organisations.  The roles can be filtered a range of ways helping you to find your dream position.

Tips for Applicants

The HR teams have put together some guidelines which will help you to complete the perfect application form or make sure your C.V. stands out from the crowd!

Our Partner Employers

Partner  organisations have been working together to develop this website, which will tell you everything that you need to know about opportunities in West Norfolk.

Case Studies

Some of our case studies have relocated, others decided to stay and progress their career, but they all make interesting reading and will help you to make your decisions.

Find your future working in West Norfolk