My name is Cal Deane and I am the Head of Community Commissioning at NHS West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and have been in this position since 2012.

After leaving the financial services industry in London; a GP friend approached me to work in their GP practice to assist in introducing the 2004 GP contract and re-organise the practice. During this period of working in Norfolk we were also holidaying in the area quite frequently and were thinking of moving here, it felt like the perfect choice as it would feel like being on a permanent holiday and it has come to that.

Taking the decision to move to West Norfolk has given me a varied and successful career, working in the following roles: Business Partner in General Practice, End of Life Commissioner, Carers Lead and now my current position as Head of Community Commissioning in West Norfolk CCG.

My work is as diverse as it is challenging with each day being different. My working day can range from liaising with patients and general practice, dealing with non-emergency patient transport to contract negotiations with providers.

In terms of clinical and non-clinical health jobs West Norfolk is a great place to work; West Norfolk is forward thinking and cutting edge. West Norfolk CCG has and continues to integrate with Health and Social Care organisations in the local area to improve working practices and be innovative with the development of a single health and social care economy.

It is a great place to learn, great opportunities to develop and it is also a safe environment to test theories, understand ideas and expand your knowledge.

In terms of industry and commerce West Norfolk is forward thinking and innovative in its approach.

The University of East Anglia is engaging in exciting research and development projects, which have close linkages to our local Acute Trust and is working with my organisation to develop clinical training schemes. This is a great opportunity to be part of something new and is a great environment to work in.

I am able to have more of a work-life balance in West Norfolk, more so than I lived in London. During the day my colleagues and I work hard, but as soon as we leave the office we are automatically into ‘relax mode’, come 5 o’clock it is like being on holiday.

The bonus of living in the area is the country living. My partner and I both enjoy country and outdoor pursuits and we have the ability to engage in these activities on a regular basis. There are many social pursuits, excellent water sports on the coast, golf clubs, various sports facilities and it is also a great place for our nieces and nephews to visit.

There are many good quality pubs and restaurants available in the area for people who enjoy dining.

There are a number of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) support groups in West Norfolk, one of which being the West Norfolk LGBT Network for professionals, where the group meets weekly.

I also not have the pressure of the rat race in London, who wouldn’t want that?!