Andrew Gedge

andrew-gedgeI was born in Cambridge and came to King’s Lynn when I was in my teens. I was initially at the Academy which was known as Park School at the time and was on the books of Norwich City Football Club as a player. The football club were linked to the College and so I went there as a student to do A levels. I left the College to go to Liverpool University at the time of the poll tax riots which was a huge life lesson for me and stark contrast to the life I was used to in King’s Lynn.

I completed a degree in Sports Science at Liverpool. I had a number of different options but had a call from one of my former lecturers at the College telling me they’d been let down in the Sports Department by a lecturer who hadn’t turned up and asking if I’d come back and help out for a while. I agreed to do this for a year as I had some plans to go abroad and so in 1992 I found myself back at the College but teaching this time instead of being a student. I never left!

Initially I was teaching Sport but I was always interested in the management side of the College and I became a Section leader for Sport which meant I was running all of the College Sports programmes. I then became Deputy Head of Faculty for Sport, Outdoor Pursuits, Uniform Services, Travel and Tourism and Business, Computing and Management Studies. I am now the Head of Faculty for Sport, Public and Caring Services.

The College is good educator of many young people and is strongly influencing the education agenda for West Norfolk. I work with a good team of staff and managers a lot of who have come into the area and decided to stay. In my role I work closely with partners such as Lynnsport, the QE Hospital and schools and it is great how much all of these groups want the best for people in the area.

Working and living in West Norfolk is attractive for a number of reasons. Relative to other areas, good housing is available and affordable. It might sound like a cliché to say that quality of life is better but the combination of the access to rural areas and nearby larger towns such as Cambridge, Norwich and Peterborough gives lots of choices. Train services into London are reliable and travel by car is pretty calm compared to more urban areas although tractors and caravans can be a nuisance at certain times of the year. There are loads of beautiful places nearby to walk my dogs, like Sandringham and the beaches the North Norfolk coast. Friends who come to stay say how relaxed and picturesque it is.

I have no regrets about coming back here to live and work.